Tiancheng International Auctioneer Limited

Website Design
UX / UI Design
Cause of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than a third of the global places have been on lockdown. Companies and brands around the world have been facing the challenge of the change of consumer behavior.

Tiancheng International Auctioneer Limited, one of the well-known auction houses in Hong Kong, founded in 2011, is an auction house with extensive experience in the international auction business. Since their international bidders could not participate physically by the travel restriction or social distance policy, Tiancheng needs to optimize the auction experience for their world-wire clients. 

The Solution
The new website of Tiancheng is designed with some new features, such as live auction, timed auction, buying, and selling to allow bidders to participate in auction anywhere anytime; to maximize the website return rate; to increase the engagement between Tiancheng and bidders. 

On the visual communication side, the layout approach is clean and neat to helps users access and locate the lot and information. The color palette and mix of Serif and San-serif typography present a professional look of this industry and yet fashion. 

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