Bee's International Group Limited

Visual Identity
Corporate Guideline
Brand's Background
Bee's Diamonds has been the prestigious supply partner for luxury brands across the Asia Pacific for more than 40 years. On the side, the award-winning private jeweler runs an acclaimed members club for executives seeking pristine quality diamonds and gemstones for their personal use. Bee’s Diamonds opens certain services publicly for connoisseurs, including bespoke high jewelry, diamond engagement rings, appraisals, valuation, and diamond investment advisory. 

The Solution
The new logo for Bee's Diamonds embodies the brand values purity and bonding relationship with the idea of using two koi swimming parallel to create a purity drop "b" shape. Also, koi represent love and living jewels to symbolic Bees Diamonds a living diamond of love meaning.
Bee's Diamonds Logo
Bee's Diamonds Shopping Bag
Bee's Diamonds Brand Guideline

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